Smart Pixel Tape Driver – drives up to 600 leds


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Controlling individual pixels reliably now at your fingertips

 Combine the power and control using Pixie Driver, to realize previously unimaginable visual effects, right at your fingertips. Pre-programmed or live, Pixie Driver unlocks the full potential of pixel LED.

Available in 5V (110 WATTS), 12V (130 WATTS), or 24V (130 WATTS).


High density

Available in 6 versions (based on voltage and max. power). The 110 Watts Pixie driver can control up to 600 RGB LEDs from one source (USB), the 55 Watts can control up-to 300 RGB LEDs. This means you need less hardware to controls more strips.

Supports a wide range of LED pixel strips and dots

See Downloads section for a comprehensive table showing all currently compatible LED protocols.

Smallest in its Class

With an overall size of 215mm x 129mm x 42.7mm, the Pixie driver is the smallest all in one device in its class. A rack mount frame allows mounting of 8 units in a 3RU high enclosure offering an unparalleled density of Pixel strip driving.

Standalone mode

With inbuilt memory, the Pixie driver can be set to replay a pre-programmed sequence. Standalone sequence is recorded via USB using Pro Manager software (Art-Net input). Only one sequence can be stored at any single time – and runs on power-up.

Live Mode

Drive the Pixels using DMX input from its 2x DMX ports. DMX Personality decides how the 2 DMX inputs are mapped.





Pixie Driver Standalone Shows



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