IP66 CVC3 CC1-36

SKU: 73921
Take your RGB LED tape outdoors, and drive it like a pro

CVC3 allows you to use ENTTEC’s revolutionary Pixelator system for controlling non-pixel LED tape.


Weatherproof enclosure

Anodized type II closure treatment and two-step electrolytic dyeing makes for excellent outdoor resilience, corrosion resistance and UV proofing.

Keep the Pixelator far, far away

Connect your Pixelator using a Cat6 cable up to a maximum of 300 metres away from the injector.

3 channels each

Each CVC3 unit can control up to 3 dimmable channels of LED tape using PLINK data (either RGB or three individual single colour strips).

Daisy chain and extend

Connect another CVC3 and extend your setup easily. Each CVC3 takes 3 DMX channels, so addressing is simple too..

Easy installation

Premium, fixed cable glands will not rotate when tightening, making them easier to install with all sorts of cables .


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