Access lighting tricks and tips, from the experts, to create outstanding lighting installations, with our wide range of ENTTEC lighting control training videos. Learn about how to work with LED tapes, invent with pixel mapping, and even how to turn sound into light! Check out our Youtube channel for many more topics, news, and reviews.

LED tape tutorial series

New to the world of LED lighting, or simply keen to further your existing knowledge?

Join Jordan from ENTTEC as he walks you through a series of tips, tricks and lessons on how to get the most out of your LED tape or strips. You’ll learn how to cut, wire and mount your tapes correctly, as well as how to save a small fortune by building your own LED bars, before moving onto slightly more advanced topics such as voltage drop.

Designed to be both entertaining and informative, we hope you’ll enjoy these videos as much as Jordan did making them!


ENTTEC LED Mapper (ELM) tutorials

Learn how to use ENTTEC’s award-winning LED mapping software with this ongoing series of lighting control training videos, covering everything from your first experiments with a simple array right through to more complex procedures such as 3D programming.


Teenage Engineering OP-Z + ENTTEC

Aside from being able to make some cool sounds, one of the most pioneering features of Teenage Engineering‘s popular OP-Z multimedia synthesizer and sequencer is its ability to output DMX protocol in order to control lighting that can sync with your beats and visually take your performance to the next level.

Sit back and check out the video below, as electronic musician Blicero covers everything you need to know about controlling DMX lights with your OP-Z. In less than 15 minutes, you’re going to be an expert too! Topics covered include:

• What is an OP-Z?

• What is DMX?

• What’s the best gear, and why?

• How to connect and configure everything

• How to create your own light show

• Handy tips and tricks

So let’s power up and get started!


Controlling lights with Ableton Live using DMXIS

Did you know that you can use DMXIS with any DAW that supports VST plugins?

Learn how DMXIS can help musicians and DJs take their performances to the next level, and you’ll soon discover why over 25,000 people have watched this tutorial using Ableton as an example DAW. It’s magic stuff!


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