RGBW LED tape (10m)

SKU: 9VLW-10

Our RGBW tape provides ultimate output and is designed and produced to the highest quality standards.

We think it’s the best RGBW tape you will ever use.

RGBW LED strip


High grade RGBW

Thanks to a brilliant output configuration, 9VLW-10 is the best RGBW tape to ever come out of the ENTTEC LED factory. You’ll experience quality unlike any other tape on the market.

High density

With 60 high quality RGB and White LEDs crafted per metre, this tape outshines the competition.

Power and performance

Highly efficient at less than 17.28W total power consumption per metre. Copper track for effective heat dissipation and long life.


DC PowerW/mLED QuantityProduct FamilyProduct CodeColourLm/mInput Current 1MInput Current 5MIPReel LengthStrip WidthCuttableMaximum Continuous Length
24VR : 4.4560/m9VLW9VLW-10RGBWR : 66R : 0.19AR : 0.93A2010m12mm100mm10m
G : 3.31G : 179G : 0.14AG : 0.69A
B : 3.12B : 42.6B : 0.13AB : 0.65A
W : 6.4W : 562W : 0.27AW : 1.34A

* Maximum continuous length before there is a significant  voltage drop is 10m.

To run longer continuous lengths, power must be re-injected at every 10m of the tape. This will mitigate the expected voltage drop.



Compatible controllers