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Transmission Space


ENTTEC provided dynamic lighting solutions for the Transmission area at the Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland. The project featured a central UFO structure, designed by artist Ali Kemal Ali, adorned with approximately 5,500 LED pixels controlled by ENTTEC’s Pixelator Minis and PLink injectors. This setup created vibrant light shows, enhancing the festival’s intergalactic theme and providing an immersive experience for visitors.




2 x Pixelator Mini A smart, cost-effective lighting control solution, the Pixelator Mini is a compact 16 Universe rack, surface & DIN-rail mountable, eDMX to LED pixel protocol converter.

13 x Plink Injectors Our 2-Universe PLink Injector has been engineered to work alongside your Pixelator Mini to extend your LED pixel layout over long distances.

The Electric Picnic Festival is an annual arts and music festival, which has run every year since 2004. The festival pulls in big name artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mumford & Sons, The Killers, Florence + the Machine, and Arctic Monkeys, with 50,000 people descending on the Stradbally site in County Laois, Ireland.

‘Transmission’ is an area within the festival, which has been a regular feature of the festival for the past 3 years. It’s an intergalactic experience where you can party with your extra-terrestrial friends. The space features brightly lit installations, DJs (playing on the brilliantly named ‘The Vinyl Frontier’ stage) and a dance floor.

The ‘Mothership’ is a towering UFO type structure, central to the Transmission experience and was designed by Ali Kemal Ali, an Irish artist. The 2018 festival was the 3rd year that the structure has landed at the event, evolving each year into something bigger and better.

The underside of the structure was covered with approx. 5,500 LED pixels, which were controlled by the Pixelator Mini’s and the Plink injectors. The ship put on a dazzling light show, setting the scene for an epic weekend at the electric picnic festival.

We’re excited to see what 2019 will bring….


Luke Maguire, Transmission Space Lighting Designer


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Transmission Space

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Transmission Space



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