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ELM 2024: State-of-the-art LED pixel mapping

Revolutionize your lighting designs with ELM 2024

by ENTTEC United Kingdom
June 10, 2024

At ENTTEC we like to take creative possibilities to the next level and have just released an exciting update to our ELM LED pixel mapping software that will revolutionize the way you control light.

The really big news for ELM 2024 is that we’re now giving you the ability to control up to 8192 DMX Universes. That’s FOUR times as many as before!

Of course, we know that more Universes means more lights, and more lights means bigger projects and higher resolutions. But how can we begin to imagine what 8192 Universes means?

Let’s say that you hypothetically wanted to run a line of 60-LEDs-per-metre RGB pixel strip up the entire height of an iconic landmark. Using ELM 2024, you could illuminate up to 250 Statue of Libertys balanced on top of each other! That’s an RGB LED pixel run of more than 23 kilometres, or 14 miles, all controlled by a single computer!



Another great feature in ELM 2024 is the ability to specify the Z position for each stage in 3D.

Previously, stages in ELM were fixed and positioned evenly on the Z-axis. Now you can add depth and realism to your stages by specifying the Z position for each one. This means you can create more immersive and customized lighting effects, adding a new dimension to your designs and installations.

Here’s a complete list of new features and tweaks in the latest ELM build that will help take your lighting designs to a whole new level:

New Features

Expanded DMX Universes: The total number of DMX universes available has been increased to an industry-leading  8192.

3D Staging Flexibility: Now specify the Z position for each stage in 3D.

Enhanced Control: Show or hide the DVI windows in the live panel via HTTP and toggle the schedule of sequences via both OSC and HTTP.

Sequence Editor Updates: New button to find all steps in all sequences using certain media.

Added filter box in the stage manager, ideal for managing numerous stages. New button in the precision position window to evenly position strips horizontally and vertically.

Project Integration: Save stage testing mode settings and application window positions into the project file.

LED Support: Addition of the WBGR LED type.

Sequence Creation: In the sequence editor, you can now create one sequence per media and add one step per media.

Clear Sequences: New menu item to reset a sequence to default settings via right-click.


Improved Calculations: Enhanced accuracy of sunrise and sunset calculations.

Media Management: Confirmation prompt when deleting a media slot in use.

Flexible Scheduling: Enter a start month greater than the end month for year-over-year scheduling.

Precision Positioning: New buttons to set maximum width and height, and for top and left adjustments.

Speed Range Adjustment: Increase in the minimum and maximum range of the eye candy speed-ex to -5 to 5.

Strip Group Naming: Regenerate strip group names when toggling the numeric sequence box in the edit dialog.

Start Address Logic: Improved computation of the start address in the next universe to maintain alignment.

Uniform 3D Views: Standardization of front, side, and top views to match stage projections.





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