Engineered for projects that require precise automation, the S-PLAY LITE smart light show controller is your all-in-one solution for the recording, triggering, and activation of not only light shows but video, non-lighting events, and much more.

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16-universe, all-in-one DMX recorder + smart light show controller.

ENTTEC’s S-PLAY LITE is a revolutionary smart show recorder and playback controller for hassle-free, professional light shows and automated projects.

Engineered for projects that require precise automation, the S-PLAY LITE smart light show controller is your complete solution for the creation, recording, scheduling, triggering, and activation of not only light shows but video, machinery, and much more. Playback multiple shows simultaneously and install it almost anywhere with flexible mounting options.

In simple terms, think of it as being like a scene & animated effect creation engine, a 16-universe DMX recorder & playback engine and host for control interfaces that can send multiple AV specific protocols all rolled into one.

You can even create your own custom web interfaces in order to provide your end users with as much or as little control as they need.

With a built-in effects generator and intuitive controls to record, edit, schedule and play scenes, you don’t have to be an experienced lighting designer or systems integrator to conjure up amazing shows using our smart light show controller, but your audience will think you are.

Precision engineered + proudly made in Australia.

  • Create, record, edit, schedule and play back shows
  • Record and play up to 16 Universes of sACN or Art-Net
  • Ideal for home automation projects
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Trigger external events using a wide range of devices
  • Expandable storage using the SD card slot


Use the web interface to create static scenes, effects & gradients. Alternatively, you can record up to 16 eDMX universes through either sACN, Art-Net, or two physical universes using the S-PLAY’s rear DMX ports.

Using the intuitive timeline editor, multiple recordings and scenes can be stitched together whilst adding popular AV specific triggers such as OSC, UDP, contact closure and more, allowing the S-PLAY to integrate into the heart of any control system.

Play back multiple shows simultaneously using the internal scheduler, your own custom user interface, or when triggered in real time by building automation software (e.g. Control4), iPad Apps, pressure pads, motion detectors, push buttons and more!

  • Home Automation
  • Building Automation Management
  • Conference Rooms
  • Façade Lighting
  • Art Installations
  • Hotel Lighting
  • System Control
  • Hospitality Lighting
  • Architainment Lighting

These are just some of the popular automation systems you can integrate the S-PLAY series into. Unlock a world of potential by combining an S-PLAY with your existing home automation setup. Create decorative, circadian or even responsive lighting sequences to make your space a much happier place to be.

With countless applications from entertainment venues or events to architectural design and smart home integrations, E N T T E C ‘s S-PLAY series is the dream companion for any interactive or automation project.


Intuitive web interface.

Manage and program your S-PLAY LITE using its intuitive browser interface, with everything you need at your fingertips.

Record and edit up to 100 static, dynamic and effect cues, as well as 100 playlists using the intuitive timeline editor.

With support for 150 events, assign remote triggers and map different streams and protocols to different ports.

Even create a custom interface to give the end-user only the simple the options they need at hand.

Talk to the ENTTEC team today and learn how the S-PLAY LITE can take your project to a whole new level.

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Technical specifications


Input voltage 12V DC to 24V DC
Power input DC jack (12V PSU & international plugs included)
Max power draw 8W
Ethernet port / PoE RJ45 / PoE IEEE 802.3af
DMX port 2 x 5-pin XLR (female)
Digital input 4 digital inputs + 1 GND + 1 5V (6-pin screw terminal)
Relay 2 x relay 6-pin screw terminal (max limits, 50V DC or 60W)
Internal show storage capacity 8GB (~20 hours of 16 universes at 40fps)
Expandable storage / external memory Micro SD card
LED indicators Yes
Factory reset Web interface
Mounting Rack, surface & TS35 DIN rail mountable (ears, clips & screws included)
IP rating IP20
Environmental operating temperature 0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F
Environmental operating humidity 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Cooling method Convection
Body material ABS plastic & anodised aluminium
Unit dimensions 200mm x 120mm x 42 mm
Unit weight 0.83kg / 1.82lbs
Shipping dimensions 310mm x 260mm x 75 mm
Shipping weight 1.18kg / 2.60lbs
Compliance RCM (Aus/NZ), CE / WEEE (EU), UKCA (UK), FCC (USA)
Warranty 3-year return to base manufacturer warranty


DMX universe playback 2U (1024 channels of USITT DMX512-A)
Art-Net / sACN universe playback 16U (8,192 channels)
Max refresh rate (FPS) Art-Net & sACN: 60 / USITT DMX512-A: 40
Max playlist count 100
Max cue track per playlist 4
Max Cues (including Static, Dynamic and Effect) 100
Max Triggers 150
Max Events 150
Max custom interface 5
Scheduler Yes
Remote access No
Multi-sync No

Let’s get started!

Ever wanted to know the perfect recipe to make a stunning yet simple interactive and automated LED lighting setup?

Join our head chef, Nic, as he takes you through a basic S-PLAY configuration using an external button to flick between cues. 

We’ll also take a look at the S-PLAY’s intuitive web interface and learn the essentials of the unit’s capabilities. 

Note that this video shows an S-PLAY SP1-1 rather than an S-PLAY LITE, but their functionality is very similar save for the LITE having a 16U max output and no onboard LED screen.

Follow this easy lesson and you’ll be up and running in no time!

NOTE: The S-PLAY series hardware and its web interface have seen continual improvements and visual modifications since this video was produced, although its core functionality remains the same. The Pixie Driver is a legacy product, but there are many current ENTTEC LED controllers you could use in its place, e.g., the OCTO. Enjoy!



data sheet


user manual



S-PLAY LITE release notes


hi-res images




TouchOSC guide

EN-Case installation guide


S-PLAY knowledge base

S-PLAY: the heart of your installation.

It’s not only the S-PLAY’s software that makes integration a breeze – its flexible hardware and I/O options mean that connection to other devices on any surface is really simple.

By pairing it with other ENTTEC products you can create powerful infrastructure and control systems easily. Take this system for controlling large quantities of LED strip put together by New Aspect Design to dim multiple LED zones from triggers or to a schedule.

As well as the CVC4 LED dimmer, you can also combine an S-PLAY show controller with other ENTTEC devices such as the STORM10 Ethernet to DMX gateway to give you more physical DMX outputs on your network, or the PIXELATOR MINI LED pixel controller make control of LED pixel installations simple.

In any automation setup, S-PLAY integration possibilities are virtually endless and limited only by your imagination.

See how an S-PLAY show controller can enhance your installation