DMX management

Efficiently manage and distribute DMX signals with a wide range of DMX splitters and Ethernet solutions for precise lighting control.

DMX splitters

What if you want to extend your light setup but have run out of outputs on your controller? Simply add an optically-isolated ENTTEC DMX splitter and you’re in business!

Perhaps you need bi-directional RDM/DMX functionality, or just want to reproduce a single DMX feed to distribute among dimmer packs. With options for screw terminals, 5-pin XLR DMX cables, or 3-pin XLR cables, we have the right solution for you.

With optical isolation protecting each port against stray voltage on the DMX line, your installation is always in safe hands. You can always trust ENTTEC’s DMX splitters to reproduce your lighting designs accurately and in-sync across your entire network.

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