About Us

From little things, big things grow.



As the scope and popularity of our product range increased, so did the need to expand our operations internationally. To accompany our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility in Australia, we established ENTTEC Americas in 2010, based in the famous Research Triangle region of North Carolina, USA, as well as ENTTEC Europe in 2013, with an office in London and dealers throughout the continent.

Now a major player in the global lighting industry – known for our high-end LED luminaires, pixel system innovations, and true end-to-end solutions for virtually any project – we like to keep our focus firmly on the future through continual research and testing.

Our momentum derives from a genuine hunger to push beyond the boundaries of what’s currently possible, and the desire to pass our discoveries on to you. It is our goal to ensure that our products continue to inspire users throughout the world to produce amazing visuals showcasing the zenith of creative technology.

We are proud that our products have played a role in projects for a range of international clientele, including:

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