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Damian Syred's Circus Royale


ENTTEC provides their lighting solution for Circus Royale, showcasing how their technology transforms the traditional circus experience into an immersive atmosphere enhancing the audience's engagement and enjoyment.

Led by Australia’s youngest ringmaster, Damian Syred, Circus Royale is an Australian circus, staged under a modern, Italian-style big top tent with all-chair seating. A road show that travels on up to 50 vehicles, Circus Royale visits 100 towns and cities to conduct 360 performances throughout the country each year.

To show off its mixture of animals, comedy and astounding human skill, the circus needs to put on an impressive spectacle in order to wow the crowds. The clever use of lighting to set the mood and highlight the right action at precisely the right moment is integral to the success of each performance.



Circus, fair

– 1 x D-Pro: ENTTEC’s Multi-Universe, intuitive lighting control software

– 1 x DMX USB PRO MK2: ENTTEC’s industry standard DMX interface


Why D-Pro?

In July 2015, Joshua Old joined Circus Royale as their sound and lighting technician.

“With just a few LED par cans and a basic lighting desk, the opportunity arose for a progressive upgrade, in particular within the control of the show. After much research, ENTTEC’s D-Pro software proved to be the obvious choice for many reasons.”

Thanks to the free demo of D-Pro, Joshua was able to get much hands on practice before bringing the software into the circus arena. He was even able to program most of the show prior to actually purchasing D-Pro and relevant hardware.

“Despite D-Pro being the first lighting program I had ever used, I found it to be very simple to understand, with plenty of powerful features to add effects to our show. For example, the ability run lighting sequences alongside audio tracks helps complement many of our performers’ routines here at the circus; and being able to do this all in the one program is a huge bonus.”



ENTTEC’s D-Pro software in-use under the Big Top.


“D-Pro has made the show playback simple and efficient with its basic push-button layout and the ability to map these controls to any midi controller, thus also making our show easy for anyone to operate no matter how much knowledge they have on lighting control.
Overall, both the D-Pro software and DMX USB PRO MK2 hardware have proven themselves time and time again in the ever-changing environment of Circus Royale.”
Joshua Old Head of Sound & Lighting, Circus Royale
Circus, fair


Check out some of the action you can expect to see when Circus Royale comes to town.



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